Conjunctivitis (Red Eye)


Whether it’s yourself, a friend or one of your children, anyone exhibiting signs of conjunctivitis should visit our Greenwood practice for an assessment as soon as possible.

There are two main reasons for arranging an appointment with a professional:

  • Red eye can be contagious, so it’s important to establish whether or not your presence poses a risk to others. If you are contagious, we can advise you on how to manage your day-to-day life with minimal exposure to others – this is important to prevent an outbreak.

  • Self diagnosis is common among sufferers, but as there are 3 variations of the illness, your chosen treatment option could actually exacerbate symptoms. Only through testing with cutting-edge equipment, by a trained optometrist, can we give a conclusive diagnosis.

Note: conjunctivitis is often referred to as “red eye” or “pinkeye”.

Testing for Conjunctivitis

The first step is to have a discussion about your general eye health: do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Is this the first time you’ve experienced these symptoms?

Once we have an idea of your usual health, we can use advanced imaging equipment to assess your current eye health. We can see minute abnormalities in the eye by using high resolution magnification, and with over 20 years’ diagnostic experience between them, you can be assured that our optometrists will spot any signs.

If you are experiencing any fluid discharge from the eye (this is totally common, so don’t worry) we may take a sample and test it in our lab. If there’s any doubt about the diagnosis, this will provide a definitive answer and we can take the first steps towards getting you on your way!

How to Recognize Red Eye

Even if your symptoms are quite light, you will still experience a reddening of the conjunctiva – this is the skin which lines your eyeball and contains your inner eyelid. That’s why we have the two names: red eye and conjunctivitis.

Having an irritated conjunctiva could indicate another troublesome condition, but if you experience watery eyes, a burning or itching sensation or any discharge from your eyes, you probably have red eye and should get it checked out.