Emergency Eye Care


When faced with an eye emergency of any kind, close proximity to eye care is a necessity. Based where we are in the middle of Greenwood, you are always in safe hands.

Whatever your injury, it’s imperative that you take the appropriate steps straight away to minimize damage. Here are some guidelines on how to handle different types of injury.

Chemical Burn

The first thing you should do – before calling emergency services, or a friend, or anything else – is to run your eye under lukewarm water for 15 minutes. If you have to jump fully-clothed into the shower in order to manage, then you should. This helps remove any chemical that’s lingering on your eyeball, and could reduce the long-term damage.

Afterwards, make your way to our practice for an emergency appointment. If possible, you should bring the chemical in question with you, to facilitate a quicker diagnosis.

Foreign object in the eye - Do not remove the object

In this case, you may require surgical attention. It is probably in your best interest to travel to the emergency room and have a doctor or surgeon examine the wound immediately. If the object is irritating – but doesn’t feel vision-threatening, and there’s little blood – then arrange an emergency appointment with us asap.

Head trauma or concussion

Even if you are not knocked unconscious, you may have a concussion which is quite likely to affect your vision at some stage. You should come for an appointment as soon as possible, or else risk having an episode where your vision is compromised further down the line.

Flashes and floaters

Both can be indicative of an underlying eye health issue, especially flashes. Learn more about flashes and floaters and, depending on whether or not the floaters are problematic, arrange a trip to our clinic for an emergency appointment. Any case of flashes should be considered a medical emergency and be assessed without delay.

Dealing With Workplace Injuries

An incredible 2,000 Americans suffer from workplace eye injuries every single day in the US. These injuries often lead to hospital visits, time off work and possibly long-term visual impairment or blindness. The worst part is that a large percentage (more than 90%) of these incidents are completely avoidable.

If your employer ever suggests you wear protective goggles or any other speciality eyewear, do it. The majority of avoidable workplace accidents are cases where the patient doesn’t think there’s much risk, and then something goes wrong.

We’re here to help you manage any eye emergency at all, but simple diligence in the workplace could save your time, money and vision.

Experience In All Manner of Emergencies

With over 15 years experience practicing eye care, seems like we have seen it all. That blend of experience, skill, rapid decision making and cutting-edge technology means that we are uniquely capable of diagnosing, treating and managing any number of problems.