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Our Optometrists Have Been Seeing Patients from Greenwood, New Whiteland, & Bargersville For Over 15 Years

Welcome to Armstrong Optometry & Associates! Our optometrists - Dr. Armstrong, Dr. Akridge - and the rest of our eye care team are here to handle all your eye care needs. Our practice is family-focused, and we are equipped to address all aspects of your eye care. From routine eye exams to ongoing management of serious eye diseases, you can trust us to provide comprehensive, state of the art eye care.

Supporting Community Athletics

Armstrong Optometry & Associates proudly supports Whiteland Baseball & Cheer and Centergrove Little League.

Eye Care Services for the Entire Family

Eye Exams

Eye exams for Adults and Seniors look for different things compared to eye exams for Children. We tailor our eye exams for each patient based on their age and medical history.

Disease Diagnosis & Management

Our optometrists are here to support our patients and provide the best care available today. Many eye diseases, including vision-threatening dise ases like Glaucoma, benefit immensely from diligent management and early diagnosis.

Specialized Services

In addition to our medical services, we also fit patients for Contact Lenses, determine Laser Eye Surgery candidacy, and practice Myopia Control.

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We are located directly north of Dye's Walk golf course on State Road 135.

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