Sports, Safety and Specialty Eyewear


In the US alone, there are around 2,000 people every day who suffer serious damage to their eye(s) in the workplace, all accidental. Only 30% of concussions actually involve falling unconscious (far fewer than the number which do affect your vision) and more and more niches are emerging where trauma to the eye is common.

At Armstrong Optometry & Associates, we leverage cutting-edge technology in tandem with our 50 years’ of practice experience to give you excellent access to novel designs for speciality eyewear. All we want to do is keep your eyes safe.

Dealing With Concussions

Concussions tends to follow a mild, moderate or severe trauma to the head. This can be from sports, falling off your skateboard or something as simple as knocking your head going downstairs. When concussions affect your vision, these problems are usually temporary and can be managed using contact lenses or glasses in the meantime.

In addition, we can offer vision therapy as an alternative means of coping with your symptoms. Whatever you choose to do, any suspected concussion should be followed up by a comprehensive eye exam – just give us a call and we’ll arrange an appointment.

Using Specialized Eyewear to Prevent Injury

If you work in construction, manufacturing or the handling of dangerous chemicals, you are probably supposed to wear protective eye equipment every minute you are on premises. An incredible 90% of workplace accidents are said to be avoidable; remember, the next time you decide that “there’s no real risk here” and decide not to wear your eyewear, 2,000 other people across the country are learning the hard way the importance of them.

If you find eyewear uncomfortable, or are forced to wear your glasses beneath goggles, we can help design you some new eyewear which are tailored to your needs. There is an unlimited variety of applications out there: action sportspeople, watchmakers, welders, circuit designers…the list goes on.

Making Use of Sports-Specific Eyewear

If you’re an athlete, you could benefit from using eyewear which is tailored both to your sport, and your lifestyle. We have worked with many athletes and can understand your needs – imagine your glasses broke during the dying moments of an important match, it would be unbearable, not to mention dangerous.

Our solution: providing titanium frames which will survive any impact. This is just one small way in which we can help keep your eyes stylish, functional and safe.

Safety On the Road

Another example of speciality eyewear is driving glasses. They can be designed not only to reflect glare (a common cause of road accidents in the US), but also to adjust the contrast of what you see before you. This helps drivers distinguish more easily between obstacles, pedestrians and other activity on the road.

Pay a visit to our Greenwood practice and we can discuss your options at length. We can’t wait to hear from you!